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Low dose oxicodone and miscarriage

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  • Low dose oxicodone and miscarriage

    i currently take about 15 mg of oxicodone( no tylanol) a day because of a bulging disk in my back. I am five weeks pregnant. I want to stop taking the oxicodone, so to accomplish that my primary doctor has refused to fill my Rx. I was taking up to 60mg a day before I found out I was pregnant. I cut back drastically and feel that I can do without the drugs, but I am worried about miscarriage. I feel mild withdrawal symptoms every day when I wake up. I Break my 15 mg pill in half, take it, then several hours later take the other half. My pain is manageable but my body has become addicted. I want to taper down to just half a pill every day, Then be off completely.
    Will a taper from this small dose pose a threat to my pregnancy? I don’t really have a choice since my doctor will not refill my Rx. I currently have five 15mg pills left.

    I don’t know if my taper started plan is safe.
    my doctors done seem interested in helping me. They think cold Turkey from 60mg a day is fine. But that CANNOT be safe.
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    annon29: I agree with you that a slow taper is best for you and infant. Keep going.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.