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  • Ocrevus or Kesimpta

    I have a 4 month old and was looking to start Ocrevus next month. However, my son has stopped taking a bottle altogether so bottle feeding and switching to formula seems to be quite a hurdle. If Ocrevus is not safe, is it possible that kesimpta which functions similarly, would be a safer option? Thank you

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    This product Ocrevus, has not been studied in breastfeeding moms. But some of it is going to enter the GI tract of the infant via milk and potentially suppress the gastric immune system of the infant. I'd worry some about using this for a long period in a breastfeeding infant. We honestly don't know how much if any is going to be absorbed systemically in the infant, but remember that the GI tract is protected by the human's immune system inside the GI tract, so any of this product could suppress CD20 immune components on the surface of the infant's gastric mucosa.

    Further, Kesimpta is almost the same drug, so it wouldn't be any better.

    If you decide to try this drug while breastfeeding, observe the infant for infections, particularly diarrheas. If you decide to breastfeed, would you comment here again and let us know how the infant responded. It might help us and other moms.

    Tom Hale PhD.