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synthetic retinol from France

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  • synthetic retinol from France

    Hi there,

    I just purchased, but have not used a product from France called A313. It’s a retinol product and the active ingredient is:

    200,000 IU of synthetic vitamin A in "oily" form.

    Other ingredients are in French and I posted a link to an page with the product and the ingredients (shown as one of the images in the listing). I post the Canadian one because there is another version of this product that is for sale in the US but not in Canada, so ingredients differ slightly.

    would this be safe for breastfeeding?

    thank you!


    A313 Vitamin A Pommade (Closest Version to Avibon Available) by Pharma Developpement [url] psc=1[/url]

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    Hi hollowzsuck,

    I strongly recommend NOT using this product while breastfeeding. Mega-doses of Vitamin A like this are quite toxic, and can harm your baby--it is not worth it. Breastfeeding should be a time for simplicity.

    We have some recommendations for handling acne here: [url] nd,increase%20in%20size%20and%20production[/url].

    Hope this helps,
    Kaytlin, PharmD


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      Thank you! So glad I didn’t use it. I will wait.


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        it is best to wait while feeding. or use products that do not have it with a similar effect on the skin (for example, a serum with vitamin C, the skin will definitely thank you)/ I always buy serum from Maryann [url][/url] because it's the only one that doesn't pollute my pillow
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