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Metformin and Goat's Rue

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  • Metformin and Goat's Rue

    I am currently breastfeeding my six month old. I have low milk supply, suspected IGT, and have experienced an increase in breast tissue using Goat's Rue. I have been prescribed Metformin for management of PCOS. I am aware of the origins of Metformin, and am curious whether the use of Metformin and Goat's Rue simultaneously is contraindicated. I have found it difficult to find any information about the use of this medication and this supplement together while nursing. Do you have any information about the safety of using these together?

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    Go on


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      Been on metformin for years and just started meloxicam around the time of my period. After a week, all of a sudden had another period. The next month, period 6 days late but NOT pregnant. Then found out this drug is used as emergency contraceptive and can prevent you from ovulating. I was so angry! I have PCOS. I then found out it can cause kidney damage if taking it with diabetes medication. Works great as an anti-inflammation drug but I need to be ovulating at this point in time. Wish my doctor told me.


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