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Lialda and breastfeeding

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  • Lialda and breastfeeding

    I have Crohn's and just started taking 2 Lialda in the morning and at night. I'm also taking prednisone, started at 40 MG and currently taking 30 MG tapering weekly. My son is 11 months and in the last week or so (started medications 10 days ago) his bowel movements have increased. He's having 4 to 5 movements whereas before he had 1 to 2. I know Lialda is unlikely to cause this, but it seems too coincidental. Do you think it would be beneficial to d/c the Lialda? I'm torn because I need to get healthy but my son does not want to wean. Advice appreciated.

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    One of the side effects we "rarely" encounter with Lialda and other mesalamine products is diarrhea in breastfed infants. Its been reported several times.

    I'd suggest in your case with an 11 month-old infant to start supplementing with formula, perhaps half the time. This will still provide the benefits of breastfeeding and it will reduce the infants exposure to this drug.

    Hopefull, in a month, I'll have a bunch of new surveys running on the website. Please go to this site and take the survey about mesalamine. I need your data so that I can help other moms with mesalamine.

    Tom Hale