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Crohn's disease with depression and anxiety

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  • Crohn's disease with depression and anxiety

    A mother of an almost 2 month old baby (date of birth June 1) suffers from Crohn's disease with arthritis and depression with anxiety. She is on 5mg/kg remicade, 125 mg azathioprine and 40mg nexium for Crohn's disease. Her doctor prescribed zoloft for depression. He was reluctant to prescribe any anti-anxiety treatment because of breastfeeding. After 2-3 days on zoloft the mother experienced tachycardia, insomnia and tremor and the baby was restless with green diarrhea and an episode of vomit, so the mother has stopped zoloft. What is your opinion. Could the symptoms of mother and baby be explained by zoloft medication? What would be the best combination of treatment for her taking into account possible drug interactions?