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Prednisone 8 week 40mg taper

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  • Prednisone 8 week 40mg taper

    Newly diagnosed with Crohn's here. I'll probably have more questions once my GI and I work out a maintenance therapy in a few weeks but for now starting tomorrow I'm on a 40mg Prednisone taper (down 5mg/week) for 8 weeks. This seems to exceed what I've read in other responses as a short term taper (<3-4 weeks). My infant is 9 months so I'm able to hold off nursing for 4hrs in the morning after my dose. If it has to be longer I'm going to have to supplement with formula. Will that be enough to avoid potential growth retardation or should I be monitoring him with his pediatrician? What are the risks to lactation for an 8 week taper? He has his well check in 7 days so we can discuss it then if I'm able to wait while I start the meds. Thanks

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    This taper is probably ok since you are not starting on a super high dose to begin with. Steroids as a whole enter breast milk poorly. Only 1.8-5.3% of your dose transfers into your milk. We would recommend waiting the 4 hours if possible to decrease exposure since you are going to be on it for 8 weeks. Monitor growth in your infant, and this may possibly decrease your milk supply.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center