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Blood Transfusion and donor milk

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  • Blood Transfusion and donor milk

    I have pcos and do not produce enough milk for my son. I've done everything to increase supply (including domperidone, extra pumping, metformin, herbs, teas) so this email is not about that. We are using donor breastmilk as much as we can. I recently received 300 oz from a woman who was a surrogate. She initially tried to donate her milk to a milk bank but they would not accept it because she had a blood transfusion at delivery and it had not been six months since then when she wanted to donate. Is this milk safe for my son? If I were to pasteurize it would I be able to feed it for him. It was pumped in August and has been in deep freeze since and the donor is currently still healthy.


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    Dear Mommamia,

    Pasteurization kills most bacteria and viruses thus it would be recommended before using this donated breastmilk. We would recommend using breastmilk from a licensed breastmilk bank as they have screened the milk for medications and diseases.

    Areeba Aram,
    Pharm.D Candidate, 2013


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      Don't dry foods, always include in your meal to have soup. It gives big help for your milk supply.