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clonazepam and prozac??

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  • clonazepam and prozac??

    I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. I have a history of anxiety and bipolar. When I found out I was pregnant my OB, at the time, told me to stop taking all my medications, cold turkey. I was on topamax 200mg, cymbalta and clonazepam 2mg/ day. I remained on the clonazepam and still currently taking it, 2-3mg/ day, as well as, prozac 20mg. I have switched OBs. My question: I really want to breastfeed. I have been advised by several doctors not to. I honestly think it is due to liability reasons they say no. I contacted a LC, she told me about this site. Is it ok for me to breastfeed with these medications?I have been on clonazepam for 8 years and really need it, but I am willing to switch the prozac, I read that cymbalta was safer? I am aware that I need to monitor my baby for withdrawls, sedation and poor weight gain...
    Would it be better to switch the prozac? If so when? It's working ok now, I do have a history of postpartum depression... I just want what is best for my little one!
    Thank you... I can't express how good it is to know that someone is able to help me that is knowledgeable in this area..

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    Good Afternoon,

    It was great visiting with you this afternoon! I'm glad you called our office so we were able to discuss this with you in depth. Please call us again if you have any further questions.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Looking forward to talking with you more as you work through these medications and breastfeeding.


    Colleen Peace, BSN, RN
    TTUHSC, InfantRisk Center