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Breastfeeding and keratoconus

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  • Breastfeeding and keratoconus

    A breastfeeding mother of a 14 month old baby was recently diagnosed with keratoconus. Her doctor has advised her to stop breastfeeding because of the hormonal influences. I cannot find literature on this topic, but since prolactin levels are not significantly increased at this stage of lactation I cannot imagine how breastfeeding could influence the health and management of this woman. How should I advise her?

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    I can't find any data in Pubmed that suggests any correlation between breastfeeding and kerataoconus. The ONLY endocrine correction is with thyroid levels, where it seems to occur at higher levels with lower thyroid.

    At present, no known etiology is known. However, suggesting that breastfeeding is contraindicated, particularly at 14 months is not supported in any literature I've found.

    I'd suggest she continue to breastfeed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.
    Director, InfantRisk Center