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Opioid use in pregnancy.

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  • Opioid use in pregnancy.

    I am 34 weeks 5 days pregnant. I have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) around 26 or 27 weeks I started taking 1-2 oxycodone HCL 10mg a week... they were not prescribed to me... I know it was wrong but my doctor would not take me seriously and kept pushing Tylenol (which was not helping in the slightest) finally around 34 weeks he prescribed me a short term script of Tylenol-3 (4 days)
    I went to part time at work to avoid having to take anything and am starting physical therapy next week. My question is, have I taken enough for baby to have withdrawal symptoms? 😫 also, can a meconium test tell the difference between Codeine and Oxycodone? I think I’ve stopped enough in advance to curb withdrawal in my baby but I’m still worried.

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    1) I doubt you've taken enough as described above to induce withdrawal symptoms in your infant. You'd have to take several of these drugs daily for weeks before delivery to induce withdrawal in the infant.

    2) As for testing meconium, it depends on the laboratory and what they test for. I think you should quite worrying about it and try to avoid opiates in the coming weeks.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.