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  • Ocrevus

    After nursing on Copaxone for just over 2 years I have new disease activity. My neurologist is recommending Ocrevus infusions. I know it's a new medication but the information on Lactmed sounds like it should be OK. My son just turned 3 and generally only nurses at night. Do you have any information on the safety?

    Thank you

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    First, this drug is really dangerous when used during pregnancy, so if this arises again, I would strongly recommend against it use during pregnancy. Lots of this drug would be transferred in the last trimester to the infant leading to heightened risk of serious infections after delivery.

    As for lactation, some has been detected in the milk of monkeys. That said, there is probably not a lot in human milk because this is a large molecular weight product and is basically excluded from the milk compartment.

    IN YOUR SITUATION with a 3 year old, I doubt this product will have any effect on your infant. I'd observe for any kind of gut infection, diarrhea, etc. But I doubt the clinical dose transferred now is enough to induce these changes.

    Lastly, I doubt the benefit of breastfeeding at this time is worth the risk(albeit limited) of infection.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.