National Crowdfunding of InfantRisk Center

In the coming year we plan to try online “crowd-source” funding in an effort to help grow the InfantRisk Center. The demand for our services is so large that many moms simply cannot get through to our overburdened telephone staff.

All of the funds from this fund-raising effort will go to the InfantRisk Center. Most will be used to increase our staffing. Some funds may go toward new research studies on drugs in human milk.

How you can help…

We know that many of you have used and admired our service. You can help us to help more moms by making a short video that tells about your experience with us and the value you found in our service. We will use these videos nationally to help develop funding for our center.

If you are willing to give us a brief 2-3 minute video telling us how our service helped you in your pregnancy or with breastfeeding, please follow the directions below.

The InfantRisk Center thanks you for joining us in this campaign to help moms breastfeed their babies!


Once you have recorded a brief 2-3 minute video go to and click "Start" to upload the file. Enter in the your contacts' e-mail address field and "Video" in the subject field.