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Medications and Breastfeeding Mothers

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This includes medications used for pain. Opiates, and other analgesics.
Topics: 183 Posts: 504
183 504
Anti-Arthritic Medications
Medications used in arthritic and other autoimmune syndromes.
Topics: 52 Posts: 180
52 180
by Anky
Antibiotics Antifungals Antivirals
Oral antibiotics, antifungals and antivirals
Topics: 200 Posts: 516
200 516
by Sandra
Chemotherapeutic agents and other agents used in cancer.
Topics: 41 Posts: 127
Last Post: Oxaliplatin
41 127
by admin
Medicinals that affect blood clotting and coagulation mechanisms.
Topics: 25 Posts: 74
25 74
Anticonvulsant Medications
Includes those medications used to treat convulsive seizures, and in some cases other syndromes such as neuropathy or mania.
Topics: 41 Posts: 110
Last Post: Klonopin and Ativan
41 110
by admin
Medications use to treat depression in general and other syndromes such as ADHD, Anxiety syndromes, etc.
Topics: 257 Posts: 668
257 668
Topics: 7 Posts: 25
7 25
Antihistamines and Decongestants
Antihistamines, anticholinergics, decongestants, and other cold remedies.
Topics: 51 Posts: 108
51 108
by admin
Medications used to treat elevated blood pressures. Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and others.
Topics: 53 Posts: 123
53 123
by admin
Antiparasitic Medications
Drugs used for lice, scabies, and other internal/GI parasites such as malaria, etc.
Topics: 9 Posts: 26
Last Post: Pyrantel pamoate
9 26
by admin
Medications for schizophrenia, mania, and other such CNS syndromes. Thorazine, respiridone, olanzapine, etc.
Topics: 37 Posts: 96
37 96
CNS Stimulants
Amphetamines, methylphenidate(Ritalin), etc.
Topics: 97 Posts: 222
Last Post: Cocaine
97 222
by admin
Oral, injectable, and topical contraceptives.
Topics: 14 Posts: 52
14 52
by tcs710
Diabetic Medications
Medications used to treat diabetes mellitus.
Topics: 15 Posts: 40
15 40
Milk stimulants such as Reglan(metoclopramide), Motilium (domperidone), etc.
Topics: 65 Posts: 194
65 194
by kaytlin
Herbal Medications
Place here only what you can document. I'm not a big herbal fan due to our relative ignorance of this subject in breastfeeding mothers.
Topics: 96 Posts: 236
96 236
by admin
Medications and Mothers' Milk
Suggested additions or changes are welcome. New information from the publisher.
Topics: 151 Posts: 469
151 469
by rjb
New Data of Interest
New drug information. New unpublished data from the worlds researchers.
Topics: 10 Posts: 32
10 32
Other Uncategorized Medications
This is for those medications that don't really fall into one of the other categories.
Topics: 302 Posts: 791
Last Post: Statin - Vuzor 5 mg
302 791
by Mini
Radioactive Drugs
Drugs with contain radioactive isotopes. This does NOT include radiocontrast or radiopaque agents.
Topics: 13 Posts: 47
13 47
Radiocontrast or Radiopaque Agents
Agents used for MRI or CAT scans and various other radiologic procedures.
Topics: 26 Posts: 75
26 75
Nathalie Gagnon
Sedative or Hypnotic Agents
Sedative drugs such as the Valium family, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, etc. This does not include narcotics.
Topics: 45 Posts: 100
Last Post: Ambien
45 100
by admin
Steroids- Oral, Inhaled, Injected, Topical
Includes corticosteroids used for inflammation, and taken orally, inhaled, injected or used topically.
Topics: 93 Posts: 257
93 257
Topical Medications
Many other topical medications. Does not include steroids.
Topics: 95 Posts: 222
95 222
by admin
Vitamins, minerals, etc. Again post only what you can document.
Topics: 111 Posts: 306
111 306
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