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Gemeprost for Termination of Pregnancy

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  • Gemeprost for Termination of Pregnancy

    Hi Dr Hale,

    a breastfeeding mom of a 9 month old will be having regular gemeprost vaginal pessaries for termination of pregnancy. Can she breastfeed while having the pessaries? Given that there is low systemic absorption of this medication, the baby is 9 months old, I understand that it may be fine. However, it is a low molecular weight drug so we can expect some passage into breast milk and its side effects are potentially serious. I was unable to locate whether the drug is orally absorbed (ie destroyed in GI tract of baby). Your input would be much appreciated.

    Bama Eswaran, MotherSafe Counsellor

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    We have only limited data on this prostaglandin, commonly used to soften the cervix in women undergoing abortion. As with most prostaglandins, absorption is limited, less than 50% and although I do not know the half-life, it is probably quite short, probably a few hours.

    In this case, I would suggest the mom pump and discard her milk for 18-24 hours. This drug could cause gastric cramping and diarrhea in the infant, although this is unlikely.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      I have noticed that around 60% of women go for abortion either surgical or non surgical way around the globe. Most of the women abort because they are not ready yet or may have a health issue.


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        There are many women who abort pregnancy in non surgical method. Around 75 % of women abort pregnancy.