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Fenugreek and thyroid medication

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  • Fenugreek and thyroid medication

    I have a new mom who has a 3 day old (second baby...low milk supply of unknown cause with first baby)....whose midwife put her on thyroid medication (for borderline hypothyroidism) and whose LC encouraged her to start using more milk plus ( to help with milk supply) which has fenugreek in it. I recently learned that fenugreek can actually block absorption of many medications, including thyroid meds. My question is, is that true about blocking absorption and if so, should I recommend that this mom NOT take fenugreek since she is going to be starting thyroid medication (I am wondering if she had undetected hypothyroidism with first baby and maybe that was part of cause of low supply then....she formula fed her first as she never had her milk come in.....never expressed more than drops of colostrum). She really wants to be able to breastfeed this baby but is very nervous about supply and doesn't want baby to lose more weight and get more jaundice (scheduled to get bill and wt check tomorrow). Thank you in advance for your time.

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    There are some animal studies showing reduced T3 and T4 levels in animals, but NO human studies to show if this is true. Since I do not think fenugreek actually works, it may not be a good choice for this mom. I'd suggest prolactin levels 3 hours following lactation, to see if levels are low. Fenugreek won't help hypoprolactinemia, but domperidone or metoclopramide will.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Unfortunately this mom also struggles with depression so I told her reglan wouldn't be a good choice but I didn't mention domperidone due to the difficult process of obtaining it in the US. She did tell me that her MD (general practitioner) said that he didn't think her low thyroid would cause low milk supply and told her she didn't need to take her thyroid meds as her TSH wasn't as high as he thought it should be to need treatment (it was about 4.3 - he said he wouldn't treat til closer to 5). So, now this mom is primarily formula feeding due to baby's increasing jaundice and continued weight loss even after her milk came in. I just wish she could have stayed on the thyroid medication to see if it could have helped her supply. She was on it less than a week. I would appreciate any insight. thanks in advance.


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