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  • Phenoxybenzamine

    Hi Dr Hale,

    I am wondering if you think that phenoxybenzamine is appropriate in breastfeeding? It's molecular weight is low (340), has poor oral bioavailability (20-30%) but has a long half-life. Looks like it will enter breastmilk and stick around for a while but due to its poor bioavailability, may not be a problem for the baby? I couldn't find any other information on it and wondering what your thoughts are on the matter.

    Thank you. Warmly,
    Bama Eswaran

  • #2

    Phenoxybenzamine is a seldom used alpha receptor blocker used to treat hypertension. It has a relatively long half-life and poor oral bioavailability. We do not know if it transfers into human milk.

    From its structure, I would presume some would transfer to the infant. If so, I would worry about alpha blockade and hypotension in a breastfed infant.

    This is a rather potent product. I would urge caution with this product in a breastfeeding mother and her infant. Observe the infant closely for low blood pressure, weakness, poor feeding.

    Tom Hale PH.D.