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  • Demerol

    I had a one time procedure yesterday at 9am and was given doses of Demerol, Valium, and Phenergan which appear to be the most concerning medications while breastfeeding. I intend on waiting 24 hours before feeding my 10 week old, is that sufficient? I noticed in researching there are active metabolites of these drugs that stay in my system for quite a while longer. I have also taken three doses of acyclovir 400mg today which appear contraindicated with Demerol as increasing serum levels? Procedure was at 9 am, last dose of acyclovir around 8 pm, don’t intend on feeding baby until 9 am. Any advise would be appreciated, thanks!

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    mdewitt: I think 24 hours is probably ideal, particularly with a 1 week old baby. While some of these drugs may reside in your milk, I doubt the levels presented in milk are sufficient to harm an infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.