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Colifoam and Breastfeeding

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  • Colifoam and Breastfeeding

    I have ulcerative colitis, which is relatively uncommon in my country, Singapore and these forums have been a huge source of knowledge. I have been trying to find conclusive information on the safety of using colifoam rectal foam (once, daily, at night) while breastfeeding, but was unable to.

    I would like to ask if colifoam is compatible with breastfeeding. To be cautious, I have been pumping and dumping while on Pentasa + colifoam. I am now off Pentasa and am only on colifoam (on an as needed basis). I am keen to resume breastfeeding. It has been a long 67 days of pumping and dumping.

    Here is more information:
    I take one full applicator of Colifoam rectal foam in the evening. One full applicator contains approximately 90mg hydrocortisone acetate.
    Most of what I read online says to discuss the use of Colifoam with a doctor if you are breastfeeding
    ([url][/url] - not to use unless doctor says it is ok.
    h ttps:// ([url][/url]) - dose of up to 160 mg a day unlikely to have any effect on a nursing infant but seek advice from doctor
    [url][/url] talk to a doctor
    [url][/url] - talk to a doctor
    [url][/url] -don’t breastfeed unless doctor says it is fine.)

    My GP’s view is that it is safe to use Colifoam while breastfeeding. This is the reason why we chose to only use Colifoam and not together with Pentasa (his view is not to breastfeed while consuming Pentasa).

    However, while researching, I found this advisory ([url][/url]) which says to discontinue breastfeeding while using Colifoam. I did notice however that this advisory seems to be from another drug company whereas the one I am using is by MEDA Pharmaceuticals.
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    HI,May I ask if you can breastfeed after metronidazole is used in Singapore? Or how long will it take?


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      Colifoam contains hydrocortisone. "Hydrocortisone is a typical corticosteroid with weak glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid activity.[1] The amount transferred into human milk has not been reported, but as with most steroids, is believed minimal. Hydrocortisone rectal suspension is absorbed from the colon, it acts both topically and systemically. Although rectal hydrocortisone has a low incidence of reported adverse reactions, prolonged use presumably may cause typical steroid systemic reactions.
      Hydrocortisone administered rectally is probably okay if used short-term. Transfer of hydrocortisone into milk is probably low, although we have no data. No adverse effects have been reported in breastfed infants."
      (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale PhD).

      1.##Pharmaceutical manufacturer prescribing information, 2010.

      Sandra Lovato R.N.
      InfantRisk Center


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