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No pituitary function wanting to breastfeed

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  • No pituitary function wanting to breastfeed

    I have no pituitary function due to a tumor that was removed when I was fourteen. I am currantly 17 weeks pregnant and am wanting to breastfeed. Is it even a possibility? I know there are medications such as Reglan and Domeperidone that when given can help increase milk production but not sure if it would help me in my very unique situation. I did use infertility medications to get pregnant.

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    I honestly don't know the answer here. It totally depends on whether any of your original prolactin-producing cells remain. IF the pituitary was totally removed, then I think it is unlikely you will be able to breastfeed. Reglan and Domperidone only work by increasing the release of natural prolactin from the lactotrophic cells in the pituitary. If these cells are no longer there, then these two drugs would not work at all.

    I'd suggest you need to talk with your OB and see if you have any prolactin in your plasma at present time. Prolactin levels in pregnancy are actually higher than during lactation. So it would be easy to draw a blood sample while you are pregnant and see if they can find prolactin.

    Good Luck:

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thanks for the insight! I will get my prolactin levels checked. I do still have my pituitary gland so maybe there is hope!!!


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        Really Thanks for the insight!