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Breastfeeding Mothers Who Smoke Weed

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  • Breastfeeding Mothers Who Smoke Weed

    I couldn't discover a post about this subject as of now however I was interested to hear what the general accord is on breastfeeding moms who still smoke weed. I simply wrapped up an article about pot and breastfeeding and I was fairly inquisitive on the grounds that my mom confesses to having smoked weed routinely after I was conceived (her and my father were somewhat the hippy generalization). I don't feel like there were any antagonistic impacts and the examination doesn't appear to affirm any negative effect yet I was still inquisitive about it.

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    We are only now beginning to understand somewhat about the transfer of Cannabis or THC into human milk. It does transfer, and over a long period of exposure, could potentially lead to complications. While we have lots of concerning studies about the down side of marijuana exposure in infants, they are not particularly strong in my opinion. But they seem to keep coming and we will know a lot more in the years to come. It worrisome.

    I personally do not think it is advisable to use marijuana in pregnancy at all. During this stage of neurodevelopment, many substances, including marijuana could lead to damage in the fetus. There is simply NO good reason to use this during pregnancy.

    In breastfeeding mothers, it is still risky, as the brain of the infant is still under development and we know that marijuana does enter milk to some degree.

    My advice is that if a mom is drug screen positive for cannabis at delivery, she should be strongly counseled about the risk of cannabis, but she should be allowed to breastfeed her infant. We know for certain that breastfeeding dramatically helps brain growth and development. It might actually offset some of the damage from marijuana that could occur during pregnancy.

    If a mom is a heavy user, then I would not suggest she breastfeed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thanks for giving your precious time to written this answer. Your answer is really helpful.


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        I've read the research that states that the THC is mostly out of moms milk after 4 hours.....Saying that, mom can test positive for 6 days to 6 weeks. So in theory mom could be positive urine screen for THC but the baby may not get any via the milk???? Or does it break down out of her fat stores over time???


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          The transfer of marijuana largely depends on the dose the mother takes. IF she consumes daily doses, then a small, but persistent dose will be transferred to the infant. This could theoretically build up over time thus leading to higher levels in the maternal plasma compartment, and hence higher levels in milk, and higher levels in the infant.

          Still, only about 1-5% of cannabis products present in milk will be absorbed by the infant if cannabis is in milk.

          Basically it goes into the mothers fat tissue, and after higher and more prolonged doses, begins to leach into her plasma and enter milk. Thus your infant could be getting low but measurable doses of cannabis over a prolonged period.

          Wether or not this ends up in high enough levels in the infants urine is not really known. Certainly it will in moms who are heavy daily users.

          IF the maternal ingestion is high enough, it will certainly enter into and be absorbed by the infant over time and could lead to drug screen possible ranges.

          So, the key here IS limit the use of cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding.

          Tom Hale Ph.d.


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            Some women use marijuana to manage the side effects of pregnancy, to cope with anxiety, or to sleep better. Many also hope they can safely do so while breastfeeding.