Screening study for cancer biomarkers in breast milk


Are you currently breastfeeding?

Would you like to participate in research?

You could help the InfantRisk Center study
Cancer Biomarkers in human milk.

We are asking for breastfeeding mothers to participate by  donating milk samples for analysis. If you fit the inclusion below, please let us know if you would like to participate in this important study. If you are from a family at HIGH Risk, one that has the BRCA gene(s), we really need a sample of your milk.

Inclusion Criteria

a) Breastfeeding mother greater than 18 years of age and less than 6 months postpartum.

b) Mothers with an infant 37 weeks gestation or greater at time of delivery.

c) Women who are at high risk based on one of the following factors.

•  High Risk based on the Tyrer Cuzick Model.*

•  Current or past history of breast cancer.

•  Family history of breast cancer.

•  BRCA positive.

d) Mothers with low risk.

•  Low Risk based on the Tyrer Cuzick Model.*

•  No previous diagnosis of breast cancer.

•  No family history of breast cancer.

*The Tyrer-Cuzick Model estimates the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer. During the consenting process, Research Staff will go through the Tyrer-Cuzick assessment questionnaire and determine your risk level.

Exclusion Criteria

Women who are pregnant, not breastfeeding, greater than 6 months post-partum or taking anti-viral medications, corticosteroids, or any other immunosuppressant drugs.

If you would like to participate please contact the TTUHSC Clinical Research Center at 806-414-9742 or register here:

IRB NUMBER: A15-3921