Research Study on the Transfer of Marijuana into Human Milk

There are increasing numbers of mothers consuming marijuana while breastfeeding an infant.  Unfortunately, we do not know much about the transfer of the active ingredient in marijuana into human milk,  nor how much gets to a breastfeeding infant.  

We are attempting to do a well-designed, and anonymous study of the transfer of marijuana into human milk and we need your help.  

If you are breastfeeding, in the Colorado area, using Marijuana, and wish to provide samples for this study, please contact the telephone number below for instructions.

The location of the milk sample kit is: The Family Room, 6279 West 38th Avenue, Suite 1, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, 80033.

The marijuana dispensary is The Stone Dispensary, at 4820 Morrison Road, Denver.

The requirements to enter the study are:

1.    Inclusion Criteria

a.  Breastfeeding subject from 21-45 years of age
b.  Have an infant 37 weeks gestation or older
c.  Currently exclusively breastfeeding infant 1-6 months postpartum
d.  Currently smoking marijuana while breastfeeding
e.  From the Colorado area
f.   Willing to purchase marijuana from specified Denver dispensary
g.  Has access to electronic breast pump

2.    Exclusion Criteria

a.    Subject using St. John’s Wort
b.    Subjects ingesting marijuana orally
c.    Subject who is pregnant
d.    Subject who is supplementing infant with formula or solids
e.    Non English speaking subjects


Texas Tech University School of Medicine
Clinical Research Unit

Closed to recruitment, in publication